<aside> 💡 This is a set of materials that can be used by a country to kickstart HL7-FHIR implementations


author: Standards and Interoperability Lab - Asia

document version: 1.00

version release: January 2020


The purpose of this document is to provide a single location for FHIR related materials - for those who are interested to start using FHIR in their country or organization. Section I. Comparison of Standards is a good start to learn some of the basics of the current standards available, and to compare them with one another.

Among the things that an organization must do first is to build capacity. In section II. Capacity Building, links to different tutorials are provided. These include tools being developed by SILA and those that are already available from various sources.

After improving capacity, the organization should look at the tools available. We listed some of the great tools to start with in section III. Tools. This includes basic tools such as a FHIR server, Simplier, and Forge. Clinfhir also provides some specific suites that would be helpful for country implementation.

A table showing country how FHIR is being adopted by various open-source software is available in section IV. FHIR Adoption in Applications. The country/organization will then be ready to delve into FHIR profiling. This will enable them to customize FHIR based on their needs.

In section V. FHIR Profiling section, SILA's FHIR profiling material will be discussed. This includes some examples and a link to the FHIR Dev Days 2018's 'Overview and Introduction to FHIR Profiling.'

Section VI. Testing and Validation aims to provide tools and practices to test and validate FHIR implementations. A link to a resource validator is already provided.

Country implementations/adoptions are already happening. In section VII. Country Examples, links to publicly available information on the implementation are made available.


The goal of this work is to have a tool/repository/knowledge material that will serve as the starting point for countries/organization when they want to start with FHIR. SIL-Asia is currently curating several tools/materials/guides from across the web to identify artifacts that will be helpful for FHIR implementations.

I. Comparison of Standards

In this document, we compared HL7 V2, V3, V3 CDA, and FHIR. There are general comparisons (general structure, use-case, platform, etc.) as well as technical comparison (message format, security, interoperability method, etc.)

Comparison of Digital Health Standards

II. Capacity Building

The following are link to the tutorials you may use: